New Epipen athletic design for children and teens with food allergies and anaphylaxis

It is the parents job to not only ensure caregivers and school personnel know about your children allergies and access to their medications but most importantly, they need to train and educate their allergic child how to take care of themselves.  First is how to avoid the foods they are allergic to, and secondly, why they can never leave their home without their Epipen.
When raising a child  one of the first thing parent teach them is that they can't leave the house alone or without wearing clothing.    When you have a child with food allergies allowing them to leave the house without self carrying their epinephrine is as dangerous as letting them go out alone and naked.  

A person who is experiencing anaphylaxis needs to receive epinephrine immediately; rapid decline in blood pressure and death can occur within minutes. According to the National Institutes of Health. during anaphylaxis  reactions  repeat doses may be necessary, which is why doctors recommend having two epinephrine auto-injectors on hand in case of emergency.

STUDENTS LIFE'S AT RISK.  Students with potentially deadly allergies to foods, latex, bees, and much more are putting themselves in danger by failing to carry life saving adrenaline/epinephrine injectors. Among the reasons why students do not always carry their EpiPens is because the tubes are too bulky or are not deemed to ‘be cool’.

NO MORE EXCUSES new "body wear" designed as undergarment are the super cool looking concealed LegBuddy and WaistPal sling  that were created by a kid and his mom.

Today these products are available under the OmaxCare brand who decided to start manufacturing and selling them to help reduce the number of anaphylaxis fatalities among kids, teens and adults.

TEENS AND KIDS with anaphylaxis food allergies are more than willing to self carry their epi's when adults help them find discreet comfortable carrying solutions.  One carrier for every occasion.

 Help spread the word &  STOP ANAPHYLAXIS

No More Excuses  
Carry two Epinephrines ON you at all Times
Together we can help stop anaphylaxis

OmaxCare LegBuddy and WaistPal especially designed for carrying epinephrine auto injectors.
Fits two auto injectors such as: Epipen, AuviQ, Anapen, Allerject and more. 

Epipen case a allergy treatment  carrier that works