Teaching kids and school.teachers about food allergies and carrying the Epipen

Peanut Free Schools: 
It has been over twenty years since the number of people born with food allergies started getting noticed.  The concept of peanut free schools didn't exist twenty years ago and so far it doesn't seem like the concept is the way to go. 

If you are a parent trying to teach teachers about food allergens it continues to be quite a challenge to say the least, it is still an impossible task. No matter how many years go by, it seems that the only "proven" effective solution is to focus your efforts in teaching your child to live with food allergies instead of trying to change the world. 

 Moms of children that now are in teens share their story:

"At the age of two, I started taking my daughter to the supermarket almost daily to help her visually learn what she could and could not eat. By age four, she was reading labels and could tell if it was safe to eat the food. "Better safe than sorry" continues to be our mantra. Not eating and staying hungry until you get back home is better than eating something you aren't sure is one hundred percent safe. 

Give and Extra Set of Epipen to School and Caretakers:
Everyone feels that  forcing a child to carry Epipen is like making them carry  an illegal weapon , because most parents continue to focus on educating the schools instead of the child.   Today, thanks to the efforts of some amazing parents, all but five states in the US have passed the "self carry epinephrine legislation". Unfortunately, the majority of food allergic kids are still not carrying their Epipen's on them. 

What experienced moms say about peanut free schools
I am not a fan of peanut-free schools because it can paradoxically lead to a false sense of security, could affect how soon a kid learns how to manage their food allergies in the real world, and it will not help the millions of kids allergic to other foods. “If you walk into a school and start asking teachers if they know what an Epipen is and how to use it, most will answer yes. If you don't say a word and simply show them an Epipen the majority will ask; What is that?

How safe is the school you choose?
Unfortunately, most first aid training given to school personnel do not include when nor how to administer an epinephrine injection. More efforts are needed to teach kids and school personnel about managing food allergies like adequate monitoring of meals and snacks, reading labels, clean up after food is served, creating a not sharing food policy, hand washing, and ensuring children self carry their epipens and school personnel learns how and when they need to administer the injection. 

Do you know how to use an Epipen? Parents need to teach their kids how to use the Epipen and ensure that they self carry the auto injectors. Don't let your food allergic kids step outside your home unless they have the Epipen's; not with them, but ON them. Make it clear and remind your child that carrying the epipen is a rule that can't be broken, just like going out of the house naked is unacceptable. To ensure 100% compliance get an epicarrier. It needs to be discreet, cool looking, and comfortable. 

For kids and teens, especially boys the most practical solution is an undergarment leg holster or waistband that can be discreetly concealed under their clothes. There are few options out there. I recommend the LegBuddy and WaistPal because I had to create them for my husband and son and they have been using them since 2006. This is not s sales pitch but as a closed friend always tells me, "You need to promote and keep blogging about the OmaxCare Epipen holders... by not doing so you could be denying others from finding a life saving solution". 

Where to find allergy alert clothing accesories that are also epipen carriers suitable for school students:
Discreet undergarment waist sling to carry epipens that are most suitable for students.

Allergy Epipen Amazing Hacks

Thank you Allergic Living!

At Allergic Living, we know that life with food allergies, asthma or celiac disease can lead to innumerable hours spent managing your family’s meals and environment. From remembering to take epinephrine auto-injectors without fail, to minding asthma triggers and packing food on the go, a lot of little things can add up over the course of a day, a week, a year.
That’s why we’re pleased to bring you a list of nine small but important ideas, life hacks if you will, to help ease your load. Whether you’re a parent, a teen or a just diagnosed adult, there’s something here for everyone to make life with allergies, asthma and celiac disease more user-friendly.
How to defrost your social life.
With allergies and celiac disease, make the freezer your best friend. Being prepared for unexpected gatherings can help to keep you safe – and socializing. Dietitian and celiac expert Shelley Case coined the term “planned overs”. She doubles or even triples a favorite recipe, and freezes the rest in single portions. Apply that logic to pasta sauce or hearty soups, and you’ll have potluck-to-go.
For kids, inform birthday party hosts of precautions, and that your child will bring a safe dessert. Then make that task a breeze with bake-ahead cupcakes popped into the freezer. On the big day, thaw and frost, and pack your quick creation into a carrier such as the dapper Cupcake To Go holder. The holder’s color choices also help to avoid mix-ups or cross-contact. Invest in a good-sized freezer, and your family will be party-ready.

Safety meets fun.
The essence of a good life hack is a small thing that makes life easier in a number of ways. Covering up your toothbrush, or your kids’ brushes, to make them less likely to be mixed up, and to avoid contact with allergens or gluten-containing food another child was eating, is a little idea that can make a big difference.
The covers, such as those made by Dentek, may also curb the spread of germs. With cute animal designs such as pandas, elephants and cows, who knows: the kids may actually get excited about brushing those teeth!

Tote your medicine without a bag.
Every person with severe allergies knows it’s a must to carry at least one epinephrine auto-injector at all times. But the editors here have also heard many excuses: “I didn’t want to carry a bag”; “I needed my hands free”; “I left mine in my locker”.
The trouble with excuses is that they won’t do much for you in an emergency. They also aren’t necessary – so heave them out the window. The fact is, whether you’re planning to play sports, go for a job, or bust some dance moves, there are ways to keep your auto-injector close.
For instance, it’s exactly the active situation that Omaxcare desired durable auto-injector carriers that strap to either the waist or the leg. These products are perfect for times when you need ease of movement or discretion under a pant leg. They’re also proof once again that food allergies need not slow anybody down.
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Kids Epipen carrier that won't hurt them

What matters the most is to help kids and teens find emergency medicine carriers that they will use.

Are parent buying #Epipen #carriers that could hurt their kids?

No one knows how difficult it is having to carry the large epi pen shots until they have to do so. When it comes to kids, the emotional daily challenges they have to face worrying about anaphylaxis #foodallergy is something that most parents can't really comprehend By time parents start noticing that their kids are been bully or made fun of because of their allergies some children have already exposed themselves to having a severe reaction. It gets even more difficult when you realize that carrying their epinephrine auto injectors is something they want to do but don't want anyone to know about it.

Do's and Dont's 

  • If you don't make it a rule and start teaching them that self carrying their epi's is a rule that can't be broken, they will not develop the habit to do so and as they get older it will be more difficult to do so.
  • If you make   them to wear a noticeable carrier like a fanny pack or a waist hanging pouch  they will eventually be bullied and made fun of.
  • If you buy them a nice printed looking pouch that looks more like a pencil case or a makeup bag, in case of an emergency it will be difficult for school nurses, coaches and first response emergency personnel to find them. 
  • If you believe that while they are in school not carrying their epi's on them is safe, think again. What happens during after school activities? When the school nurse goes out to lunch ans no epipens in the classrooms?
  • Many Sports packs suddenly got an allergy label and when used to carry auto injectors the plastic buckles could hurt  during typical kids games. Also, the epipens bounce and make a funny sound when you run. 
  • Are you sure your kid is carrying a waist pack that is fire retardant?  

The WaistPal is by far the  most convenient and comfortable epineprhine auto injector carrier for school age kids ages six to 19. 

  • Designed as an undergarment waist sling with no plastic buckles.
  • Two small tight pockets, one in front and another one on the back securely hold the auto injectors.
  • Made of high quality neoprene material that is fire retardant, water resistant and that helps keep maintain the temperature of the injectors.
  • Athletic cool design with prominently displayed medical alert symbol in color red let's others know quickly notice that they are carrying emergency medications. 

Kids and teens need to self carry their Epipen. No excuses. 

If you have a child with anaphylaxis allergies and you got a prescription for epineprhine auto injectors it means they need to self carry the auto injectors 24/7. Not having immediate access to epi's could hurt them.  Making them wear a fanny pack or a pouch with a huge sign that says ALLERGIC TO NUTS could expose them to bullying and unnecessary social inflicted risks.

Every time you buy them an outfit, make sure they have large pockets like cargo pants do, or find the necessary accessory to ensure they comply with the responsibility of self carrying their life saving epineprhine auto injectors.  Help your kids be ready to help themselves.

Trust your child and help them master this life long task.Given the proper training and tool, no one is more capable to ensure your child has immediate access to their epipens than themselves..

Images of kids and teens with anaphylaxis allergies wearing and/or showing their WaistPal by OmaxCare

Posted by teen in Instagram showing her new WaistPal
Wearing the Waistpal with epipens inside looked great with his Halloween custom 

courtesy of


Teen doing parkour with Epipens inside WaistPal

Fifth grade student with Epipen inside Waistpal
Teen with Epipen waistpal

Epipen cost and fear of back to school with food allergies

When a student has food allergy going back to school is not such an exciting time of the year for anyone in the family.  The student not only have to deal with the normal anxious feelings of going to school but they have to cope with their mom's or dad's food allergies preparedness madness. The list of to do things is never ending and real fears are often attached to it. 

Food allergy related fears will come and go, new ones will quickly appear and stick inside for a long time, and others suddenly go away without you ever noticing.  Talking about  food allergy fears gets easier with time, but there is no possible way to stop them.

Once food allergies touches your life or the one of someone you love, is like you will forever have to carry a heavy bucket labeled food allergy fears. Sometimes you can quickly empty the bucket but somehow one fear will always manage to get stuck inside and its could feel so disturbing that you just don't want to talk about it. These are what I call the "silent fears".

Some of the most common food allergy "silent fears" others have shared, I have witnessed kids go through, or have personally experienced during twelve school years.  

Children and teens want to feel safe at school especially if they have anaphylaxis food allergies, so they want mom to tell the nurse about their allergies and give the school his/her safety kit but they fear what else she is going to do. Is mom going to tell everyone about my allergies? Is she going to start distributing all those food allergy awareness flyers? Is she going to start putting up posters about how to use an Epipen? Is she going to be there all the time, going to all the school trips, volunteering to do things that no volunteers are needed for? Will she ever stop?

No matter what mom does or how she does it, a child with food allergies will feel that they are different and there is no way to keep them a secret. Sooner or later someone is going to know and they will be treated different by many, excluded from activities,  be embarrassed by their mom, or even forced to sit on the allergy safe cafeteria table with kids he/she hates. They will share some of their fears, but living with food allergies is always attached to a silent fear.

Parents Silent Fears. 
Parents, especially mom's of students with food allergies try to act normal during back to school but in the inside they are terrified. I wish I could tell moms to relax and not to worry so much about but I can't. If you have a child with food allergies, you need to plan, execute and never led your guard down. Always follow your instincts and don't be ashamed of becoming a "helicopter mom". With time you get better at it and will be able to find ways to do things without embarrassing your child,  but some kind of fear will always be there.  Not been able to closely watch over your child will always make you worry about something. If you ever see another parent with a child who also has food allergies even if they seem like they have everything under control, they don't. Every parent is always dealing with a food allergy "silent fear".

How to talk about back to school with food allergy fears so others will listen and what to do without telling anyone. 

Kid: Mom please don't start telling everyone at school about my food allergies, just tell the school nurse. Please don't embarrass me.

Mom: Don't worry, I will only inform the school nurse about it and only those that the nurse tells me I have to.
Kid: Can dad do it?
Mom: That's a great idea I will ask him to do it.

What to do:  Try to get dad to do it and if he can't ask him to speak to your child and help your child not to be afraid of what you will do.

If dad takes the kit to school, Mom (without telling anyone what your are doing) while preparing the medicine kit, don't include inside the kit a medicine that is not a must have, such as an anti-acid or Tylenol. The next day go to school and take the medication you forgot to the nurse. Try to go during school hours so your child won't see you.

How Parents can
Get name, telephone, and email of every teacher your child will have, even the coaches and send them an individualized email explaining your kids allergies. Send a picture of the child embedded in the email. If the teacher doesn't answer your e-mail or the reply you get looks like an automatic reply, call them. You will probably get a recorder, so leave a message like
 "Hi Mr. X I emailed you a note about my child (give name and last name) but I am not sure I send it to the correct e-mail address. Please let me know if you did. The best way to reach me is at: xxx-xxx-xxxx" 

Don't waste time worrying about what others will think or say about you.  Every single time a mom tells someone about your child's allergies you will be told to relax and everyone around you will think or say that you are acting "crazy" "paranoid" "overprotective" "ridiculous" .

1. How can I trust a nurse or an underpaid teacher who needs to take care of another 20 kids with problems to  care of my child?
 2. So many times I just think I was lucky and God helped, because I didn't do was I was supposed to.

  • All moms have already missed  the signs of a severe anaphylaxis reaction at one time or another. 
    • I shouldn't have injected the Epipen... but...He/She seemed fined ..Next time I will just inject him/her with the Epipen... 
    • But if I used the Epipen everytime I think my kid is having a reaction I would be using it every day.  There is not a day that goes by that a moment of panic due to ingested foods forces you to make a decision
    • If use the Epipen ...OHH!!!! you over reacted... If I don't Ohhh!!! you should have. 
    •  I guess we all have to simply say "Thank God"  and/or "we just got lucky...

By the way, when you look back you will always wonder:
-I gavehim/her benadryl and I think it was out of panick.
-I got lucky and I really feel bad because I should have listen to my son and call 911 sooner. ....

I believe the day I realized my son was much smarter than me was when he was about 4 years of age. When the time came to start school, I was silently panicking about the food allergies.  Inside my brain I would have these thoughts/conversations
 1. He is really smart but he is going to be in school with teachers that just met him and they have another 18 plus kids more to worry about.
2. He is really little but I don't know why, but I know he will say what he needs when he needs it. But adults will not do what he says.  They will want to take over the decisions on what to do in case of an allergic reaction.

Why I knew he knew what to do better than a nurse of a teacher as long as he was not "overpowered"
Why I knew my soon to enter Kindergarten child knew when he was having an allergic reaction more than any nurse or school teacher could?
Even as a baby there he was able to somehow always able to let me know that ..."mom relax I know I am OK or vs Mom call 911 or I will call them"
It was confusing, for me, but now that I look back he was always right.

What we Moms tell Teachers to do and What adults caring for a kid with food allergies usually do:
I knew teachers and school administrators were adults and in case of an accidental food allergic reaction adults would take over and do what needed to be done to keep him safe such like I did many times,  "Don't worry just take this Benadryl and you will be OK".

Why do we think we know best? Why do we think we know when a child is having a severe allergic reaction? Why do we tell them, just relax and thing that they are over reacting?

Before he could read my child knew better than I though I did when he was having a food allergic reaction.  When was barely six years of age, I gave him some sweet snacks I had ordered directly from the manufacturer and I was 200% confident he could eat them. He took small bite and immediately spit it out and said mom this is not's making my tongue itch. Trying to follow what "experts" said about kids becoming paranoid or afraid of trying new foods, I keep assuring him that it was allergy safe.  So I did what most adults do, I said "No you are not having a reaction just relax. But I was just saying what
the experts" say you need to do.  Just in case I did what most parents, caregivers, school nurses, and coaches would do: "Here  baby, take some Benadryl, even though I don't think you need to and relax". Then he grabbed the phone and stuck his tonge out and said: " Mom look at my tonge ( it was really swollen) if you don't call 911 I will.

Epipen cases that are not good

#Food Allergy #Anaphylaxis and carrying epinephrine Epipen Auto Injectors

Can you find the #Epipen  in less than 2 seconds?  If in a case inside your bag or backpack will a stranger be able to find them in just few seconds? 
Always store and carry your auto injectors in a case or carrier  that prominently displays the Universal Emergency Medical Alert Symbol to ensure those around you and emergency personnel can quickly see that you have emergency medications. 

While at Home...
Make sure to get those epi's out of the kitchen cabinets and  bathroom drawers. Always place them inside a clear bowl or nice tray in a high traffic area that is visible to everyone.

Going to School, Office or Next door to visit a neighbor

If your doctor gave you a prescription for epinephrine auto injectors it means you need to carry them. "Don't step out of you home without your epinephrine".

Where to carry the Epipen's 
Nothing makes it easier to self carry your epi's than having the injectors inside a carrier that you can just grab and strap on ~ wear it like a piece of clothing.

Designed by kid and mom for carrying Epipen concealed medicine carriers
The #Legbuddy holster and the #WaistPal concealed belt with no buckles are the two most popular items created by a family for their personal  use.  In order to be able to manufactured them in high quality, stylish, and with athletic performance materials the family decided to make them available by selling them in the internet and decided to brand their products #OmaxCare.

For adults and parents who need to pass along the responsibility of carrying the epi's the #WaistBuddy is an elegant and functional clip on case,  made of leather crafted with "boxed" design.

You can find these athletic straps and concealed wear holders at

and at search for omaxcare

Waistpal underwear epinephrine auto injectors carrier
with no plastic buckles and fully lined inside

Epipen inside front pocket of WaistPal 

WaistPal by Omaxcare

WaistPal with AuviQ AllerJect inside. Images showing front pocket. 
Second pocket is on the back.

WaistPal side view
has front and back pockets
LegBuddy by Omaxcare

Epipen Best Carriers

The best Epipen carriers are the ones that people will use at all times, therefore you need to find a carrier for every day activity. 

Once you start putting Epipen Carriers  in the same category as "Shoes" to match outfits, and a shoe for school for shoes...summer shoes...winter boots.... Then  you will be able to carry the Epipens 24/7. 

  • WaistPal by is great for kids, teens, and athletes. Not your grandfather's  "fanny Pack" which if someone says that they can wear a fanny pack everyday of their life, it is definitively someone born before the 1960's.
  • LegBuddy is for when they are wearing a suit or simply don't want to wear anything around the "waist" 

If you or your child  has food allergies, help them be 



When you need to go  buy shoes  for school, sports, summer, beach... 
It also means you have to always add to the list the accessories to carry the Epipen's

Epipen cases are bad inside a bag

Can you find the Epipen in just seconds? How fast can someone find your Epipens? 

Can you find the #Epipen in less than 5 seconds?  How fast can a stranger find them for you if you left them inside your bag or backpack?

Always carry life saving medications inside a carrier that you can wear and strap on to your body.
It is important for it to have  prominently display the Universal Emergency  Medical Alert Symbol to ensure those around you and emergency personnel can quickly noticed that you have emergency medications and can help if you are having an #anaphylaxis reaction. 

When at Home...
Get those epi's out of the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, medicine cabinets, and bags. Place them inside a clear bowl or nice shallow basket in a high traffic area and visible to everyone: on a table or shelf by the home entrance, on a hook next to the front door, or next to where home and car keys are always placed.

School, Office, Going for a walk...

If you got a prescription from a doctor for epineprhine auto injectors it means you need to carry them.  Go and fill the prescription if you haven't done it yet, and most importantly, "Don't step out of you home without your epinephrine".

Where to carry the Epipen's  
Nothing makes it easier to self carry your epi's than having the injectors inside a carrier that you can just grab and strap on ~ wear it like a piece of clothing. Cargo pants are great, but not all have pockets that are big enough and if they do, there will be instances when you want to wear other clothing, and this is another reason why is necessary to plan ahead and find an epinephrine medicine carrier of every occasion of your life.

To find appropriate pouches and cases search the web by using key words like:  Epipen carriers, auviq holders, epipen holsters, epineprhine pouches ,epipen waist slings.   Make sure to get one that prominently displays the universal medical alert symbol so that others can easily find where you keep your epi's in case of an emergency. concealed medicine carriers
Manufacturers of undergarment carriers especially designed to comfortably carry and conceal up to two epipen or auviq.

You can find these athletic straps and concealed wear holders at 
www.OmaxCare products 
and at #Amazon webstore 

Insulated Fire Retardant and Waterproof

WaistPal no plastic buckles fully lined inside
Comfort Plus design that allows free movement

WaistPal with AuviQ inside. Images showing
front pocket. Second pocket is on the back.
LegBuddy by Omaxcare