Epipen cases that are not good

#Food Allergy #Anaphylaxis and carrying epinephrine Epipen Auto Injectors

Can you find the #Epipen  in less than 2 seconds?  If in a case inside your bag or backpack will a stranger be able to find them in just few seconds? 
Always store and carry your auto injectors in a case or carrier  that prominently displays the Universal Emergency Medical Alert Symbol to ensure those around you and emergency personnel can quickly see that you have emergency medications. 

While at Home...
Make sure to get those epi's out of the kitchen cabinets and  bathroom drawers. Always place them inside a clear bowl or nice tray in a high traffic area that is visible to everyone.

Going to School, Office or Next door to visit a neighbor

If your doctor gave you a prescription for epinephrine auto injectors it means you need to carry them. "Don't step out of you home without your epinephrine".

Where to carry the Epipen's 
Nothing makes it easier to self carry your epi's than having the injectors inside a carrier that you can just grab and strap on ~ wear it like a piece of clothing.

Designed by kid and mom for carrying Epipen concealed medicine carriers
The #Legbuddy holster and the #WaistPal concealed belt with no buckles are the two most popular items created by a family for their personal  use.  In order to be able to manufactured them in high quality, stylish, and with athletic performance materials the family decided to make them available by selling them in the internet and decided to brand their products #OmaxCare.

For adults and parents who need to pass along the responsibility of carrying the epi's the #WaistBuddy is an elegant and functional clip on case,  made of leather crafted with "boxed" design.

You can find these athletic straps and concealed wear holders at

and at search for omaxcare

Waistpal underwear epinephrine auto injectors carrier
with no plastic buckles and fully lined inside

Epipen inside front pocket of WaistPal 

WaistPal by Omaxcare

WaistPal with AuviQ AllerJect inside. Images showing front pocket. 
Second pocket is on the back.

WaistPal side view
has front and back pockets
LegBuddy by Omaxcare

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