Allergy epipen new small auto injectors available in the US

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UPDATE:All of the epineprhine auto injectors talking devises were recalled in november 2015 due to faulty mechanism. The company that makes them, Sonifi, hasn't given any updates of when or if they will become available. No other company is making smaller devises at this time. 

The information below was originally published when the new small epinephrine auto injector devises news came out. 

Sanofi announced in February 2013 that Auvi-Q™ (epinephrine injection, USP) is available in U.S. retail pharmacies nationwide with a prescription from a healthcare provider.

Auvi-Q is the first-and-only epinephrine auto-injector with audio and visual cues for the emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions in people who are at risk for or have a history of anaphylaxis. The size and shape of a credit card and the thickness of a smart phone, Auvi-Q is a breakthrough in epinephrine auto-injector device design that talks patients and caregivers step-by-step through the injection process.

Up to six million Americans may be at risk for anaphylaxis, although the precise incidence is unknown and likely under-reported. While guidelines emphasize the importance of the life-saving role of epinephrine, two large surveys show that two-thirds of patients and caregivers do not carry their epinephrine auto-injectors as recommended, and nearly half worry that others will not know how to use their or their child's epinephrine auto-injector correctly during an emergency.

Multiple studies have found an association between delay in epinephrine administration and death from anaphylaxis. Life-threatening allergic reactions may occur as a result of exposure to allergens including foods such as peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, eggs, soy and wheat; insect stings; latex and medication, among other allergens and causes.

About Auvi-Q

Auvi-Q provides users with audible and visual cues, including a five-second injection countdown and an alert light to signal when the injection is complete. Auvi-Q also features an automatic retractable needle mechanism to help prevent accidental needle sticks.

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