Why Epipen cases should mot be put inside a bag

Can you find the Epipen in just seconds? How fast can someone find your Epipens? 

Can you find the #Epipen in less than 5 seconds?  How fast can a stranger find them for you if you left them inside your bag or backpack?

Always carry life saving medications inside a carrier that you can wear and strap on to your body.
It is important for it to have  prominently display the Universal Emergency  Medical Alert Symbol to ensure those around you and emergency personnel can quickly noticed that you have emergency medications and can help if you are having an #anaphylaxis reaction. 

When at Home...
Get those epi's out of the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, medicine cabinets, and bags. Place them inside a clear bowl or nice shallow basket in a high traffic area and visible to everyone: on a table or shelf by the home entrance, on a hook next to the front door, or next to where home and car keys are always placed.

School, Office, Going for a walk...

If you got a prescription from a doctor for epineprhine auto injectors it means you need to carry them.  Go and fill the prescription if you haven't done it yet, and most importantly, "Don't step out of you home without your epinephrine".

Where to carry the Epipen's  
Nothing makes it easier to self carry your epi's than having the injectors inside a carrier that you can just grab and strap on ~ wear it like a piece of clothing. Cargo pants are great, but not all have pockets that are big enough and if they do, there will be instances when you want to wear other clothing, and this is another reason why is necessary to plan ahead and find an epinephrine medicine carrier of every occasion of your life.

To find appropriate pouches and cases search the web by using key words like:  Epipen carriers, auviq holders, epipen holsters, epineprhine pouches ,epipen waist slings.   Make sure to get one that prominently displays the universal medical alert symbol so that others can easily find where you keep your epi's in case of an emergency. concealed medicine carriers
Manufacturers of undergarment carriers especially designed to comfortably carry and conceal up to two epipen or auviq.

You can find these athletic straps and concealed wear holders at 
www.OmaxCare products 
and at #Amazon webstore 

Insulated Fire Retardant and Waterproof

WaistPal no plastic buckles fully lined inside
Comfort Plus design that allows free movement

WaistPal with AuviQ inside. Images showing
front pocket. Second pocket is on the back.
LegBuddy by Omaxcare

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