Age children start carrying the #Epipens.

legbuddy by omaxcare
Should a child carry their Epipens?
If you took your child to see a doctor and he gave you a prescription for an Epipen it means he/she needs to carry them.   Teach your kid to self carry their epinephrine as soon as they start going to school.  

Are kids going to feel different or weird because they need to carry epinephrine ? 
Yes they will, but better safe than sorry. Keeping the epi's in the nurses office or even if there is a set of injectors in every classroom is never going to be safer than having them inside a pouch that you can strap to your body. 

Why should a young child carry his Epipen?
Most moms of teenagers will tell you that the best thing to do as a mom is not only to teach them how to self carry the Epipens  but to also  make it a rule that can't be broken.  "You can't go out of the house without shoes...right? Same with the epi's. 
five year old carries epipen case with legbuddy

What can you do if your child refuses to carry the large Epipen Tubes?
Help them by finding an epi carrier they feel comfortable with.  Just like you look for different shoes you need to look for different carriers that fits them comfortably.  They will also need to have one for every type of activity. Make sure to look for one that they can wear on their bodies like the undergarment waistpal or legbuddy so they won't be left inside a locker or in the car.  Cargo pants are also good. 

 No excuses! Self carry epinephrine. Nothing safer than having the epinephrine injectors on you.  

Discreet modern athletic style first aid medicine carriers for kids and teens.
waist pal insulated, fire retardant, water proof
Designed by kid who didn't wanted to keep the epi's concealed
 the Waistpal has no plastic buckles and is fully lined
"Soft Underwear Athletic Style"

epipen belt no buckles waistpal by omaxcare

 waist sling waistpal

WaistPal sold at:

waistpal fully lined no plastic buckles

manufactured by omaxcare

epipen pouch legbuddy by omaxcare

LegBuddy available at

leg pouch for epipen casecarry athletic waist band for autoinjectors

When you have a child with food allergies allowing them to leave the house without self carrying their epinephrine is as dangerous as letting them go out alone and naked.  Make carrying the epipen a rule that can't be broken. When they get older, they will thank you for it. 
epipen legbuddy

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