Epipen cases children and teens parents buy

When parents help their children find not one but various Epipen carriers they like they will carry their epinephrine auto injectors. One of the most popular tweets that was liked and re-tweeted by @teenfaab ,the Teen Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis team, was the one below that confirms that kids will carry their Epipens if their parents help.

Discreet and Comfortable
Legbuddy and WaistPal "Body Wear" is the most popular among school age kids and teens. Because they are designed as a comfortable undergarment like an underwear, the body heat in combination with the high grade neoprene material of the pockets it helps keep the temperature of the epinephrine auto injectors. 

@Omaxcare: If a child @teenfaab doesn't carry their  #Epipen is the parents fault.

LegBuddy size XS by OmaxCare 

Body Wear Epipen Case Carrier Best Insulated Available Today
WaistPal by OmaxCare

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